Air Springs responds to OEM machinery supply gap with cost-efficient actuator and isolator ranges that save time and money

Mar 3, 2016 in March 2016, News 2016

Air Spring Supply technologies are widely used in industries involved in conveying, materials handling, food and primary product production, packaging and mineral processing. Products from Air Springs Supply include Airstroke® actuators and Airmount® isolators, top centre, to heavy duty Marsh Mellow™ isolation technology, bottom left, and tiny but robust Airomatic™ actuators, bottom centre.

Australia’s leading air spring supplier, Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd, is expanding its range of replacement parts integral to the reliable operation of OEM equipment widely used by major industries.

The exclusive national distributor for a wide range of Firestone Industrial motion and fluid control technology is matching rising demand for replacement parts by holding a wide range of parts in stock in its branches throughout Australia. Load capacities of individual air springs available ex stock range from 40-40,000kg.

The wide range of stocked products include globally proven and highly cost-efficient Firestone Airstroke® actuators and Airmount® isolators of a type used throughout major Australian industries, including food and beverage, mining and processing, metal working and manufacturing, as well as primary processing, paper and packaging where air springs function reliably in damp and dusty environments.

Air Springs Supply National Sales Manager, Mr James Maslin says replacement markets are attracted by the advantages of flexible walled pneumatic actuators that contain no internal moving parts to wear or break and which are durable, operate well in corrosive and abrasive industrial environments, easily accept misalignment, and offer a high ratio of stroke to collapsed height.

The nationally available ranges of Firestone OEM and replacement products also includes Marsh Mellow® rubber noise and vibration isolators and Airpicker™ and Airgripper™ end effectors for packaging, bottling and dispatch.

Air Springs Supply is exclusive national distributor of Firestone actuators, isolators and complementary technology integral to OEM equipment including conveyor lines, materials handling systems, vibrating screens and packaging units, stamping presses, shock absorbers, lift tables and processing and packaging lines.

Air springs are also being increasingly used as replacement actuators for existing motion and fluid control applications that had previously used traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders involving internal moving parts that can break or wear.

“What is important also is that Firestone parts also easily cross over from Goodyear, Conti, Rexroth, Norgren and similar components incorporated globally by OEM manufacturers. Because we have been suppliers to Australian users of such OEM technology for more than 30 years, we can offer engineering assistance help identify and supply suitable top quality Firestone Air Spring and Marsh Mellow technologies to avoid production interruptions.”

“This versatility helps fill a potential supply gap resulting from a substantial trend over the last 10-20 years for processors and manufacturers to import complete OEM systems of the latest overseas-manufactured technology.”

“While parts on OEM systems work for many years without the need for maintenance or replacement, when the time does ultimately arrive, some parts can be hard to source,” says Mr Maslin.

“For replacement parts, it’s crucial to make sure you get the correct part, otherwise your important machinery may not function correctly. That’s why it’s always best to talk to an experienced representative first.”

“As the national distributor of Firestone Industrial Products for over 30 years, Air Springs Supply can quickly advise on and supply replacements parts.” (

Quality product substitution

Airstroke, Airmount, Marsh Mellow and complementary technologies can be found in a wide range of industries and applications such as:

Food and beverage examples:

  • Conveyors
  • Lift tables
  • Air grippers/pickers
  • Shaker screens/vibrating packers
Firestone end effectors

Firestone end effectors used in food, beverage and delicate product processing

Mining and mineral processing examples:

  • Shaker screens
  • Conveyors
  • Vibrating packers and screens
  • Lift tables
Vibrating equipment incorporating air springs

Vibrating equipment incorporating air springs

Metal working and manufacturing examples

  • Shock absorbers for stamping machines
  • Isolating equipment
  • Sheet welding clamps
  • Lift tables
Lift and tilt table

Lift and tilt table incorporating triple convoluted air springs

Primary production including pulp and paper manufacturing and packaging

  • Paper cutting
  • Presses
  • Conveyors
  • Shakers/vibrating packers