Air Springs Supply extends leadership in quality and customer satisfaction assurance with ISO 9001 certification

Feb 19, 2013 in February 2013, News 2013

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems - Requirements certificationAustralia’s leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors, Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd, has enhanced its commitment to national and global standards of quality assurance by gaining ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems – Requirements certification.

“Attainment of this certification is a significant further advance in the ongoing commitment to quality on which Air Springs supply has built its reputation as an industry leader for more than 30 years, operating nationally through a well established network of respected distributors,” says Air Springs Supply General Manager Simon Agar.

Ongoing implementation of quality processes will be handled by Air Springs’ Quality Control Manager Mr Ben Vocalan, who says the company places a high priority on continuously reinforcing customers’ confidence in doing business with an organisation that can consistently meet or exceed their needs on time. “Successfully completing the rigorous process required for ISO 9001 certification is a clear sign that we are committed to superior product quality and customer satisfaction, he says.

ISO 9001 certification is invaluable to customers in demonstrating that the organisation involved can consistently provide products or services that meet the requirements of customers and of any applicable regulations relating to them. ISO 9001 benefits to customers include assurance of global standards of consistency, quality and supply of products for which Air springs is exclusive national distributor, including Firestone air springs – the world’s No 1 brand for heavy vehicle suspensions – and Firestone Airstroke® and Airmount® actuators and isolators used widely in industrial applications such as conveying, packing, food and beverage processing, mineral processing, metal fabrication, lifting, forming and automation.

Air Springs Supply also distributes nationally the Pronal range of elastomer engineering products, including palletisers, grippers, lifting bags and pipe stoppers used to protect the environment from hazards that may arise in industrial, municipal and resources processes.

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