Airmount® isolators uniquely engineered to overcome workplace noise challenges

Sep 4, 2019 in News 2019, September 2019
Airmount® isolators uniquely engineered to overcome workplace noise challenges

Air Springs are, in essence, immensely strong rubber and fabric-reinforced balloons, or bellows. The doughnut-shaped Airmounts pictured here can be one, two or three convolutions high, depending on the performance required.

As workplace noise OH&S regulations increase across Federal and State jurisdictions, industrial operations and engineering staff are being challenged to find the most effective, cost-efficient and reliable solutions to the issue of vibrating and intrusive machinery. The challenge exists across industry, from heavy industry – including mining, energy, bulk handling and metals manufacturing – through to processing industries including food, beverage and primary processing.

The choice often lies between less expensive and less complex passive vibration isolation – which makes use of materials and mechanical linkages that absorb and damp mechanical waves – or active vibration isolation, which often involves sensors and actuators that produce disruptive interference that cancel-out incoming vibration.

One proven, unique and cost-effective passive solution achieving outstanding isolation efficiencies upwards of 90 per cent is offered by air springs, which are the only passive isolator that operates on the principle of compressing a gas rather than deflecting a solid.

Because of this difference (compared with isolators such as coil springs and solid rubber pads) air springs are the passive isolator with the lowest natural frequency – and the lower an isolator’s natural frequency, the better the isolation effectiveness. Typically, inflated at 3-6 bar, air springs will deliver isolation efficiencies exceeding 90 per cent.

This outstanding efficiency can be further improved too, because air springs (such as the Firestone Airmounts supplied throughout Australia by Air Springs Supply) are also the only passive isolator that can achieve a reduction in the natural frequency, which is the frequency at which a system tends to oscillate in the absence of any driving or damping force.

With the use of an auxiliary reservoir, air springs can lower the natural frequency to further improve isolation effectiveness to even finer degrees (which can exceed 99.9 per cent vibration isolation in demanding applications).

This versatility makes Airmounts ideal for use to isolate:

  • Compressors and generators
  • HVAC and refrigeration equipment
  • Sorters, sizers and vibrating bins
  • Vibrating screens, conveyors and elevators
  • Bulk handling and minerals processing equipment
  • Garbage compactors and waste-to-energy equipment
  • And to isolate automation and computer equipment from environmental disturbances

Airmount air springs from Air Springs Supply are available in individual capacities from a few dozen kg to 40,000kg. The broad range of Airmount® isolators and complementary Airstroke® actuators are supported by Air Springs Supply’s long-established national sales and technical support network. They are available as OEM equipment or as replacement parts to replace Goodyear, Conti, Rexroth, Norgren and similar components incorporated globally by OEM manufacturers