Rail Applications


Air Springs Supply is the leading supplier of aftermarket replacement parts for the passenger rail market in Australia and New Zealand, with experience and expertise extending over more than 30 years.

We represent many of the major globally recognised rail development and OEM suppliers, including BridgestoneFirestone and KYB Kayaba. These key component suppliers have been at the forefront of every major product development in the rail sector over the last 50 years.

Air Springs Supply partners with major passenger rail vehicle designers and manufacturers to continually improve the performance of components critical to providing the most comfortable passenger travel experience.

We have worked closely with all the major Australian rail operators, in doing so Air Springs Supply has assisted in the identification of critical maintenance issues and subsequent product solution development.

Air Springs Supply has also supplied expertise and globally respected quality products to rail maintenance providers in NSW, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand.

Our existing business and extensive overseas supplier contacts and agents have seen Air Springs Supply expand the number of global brands we represent or can procure products from.

Brands we represent or can procure products from

Air spring assemblies and spare parts, vibration control products, axle spring rubbers and bump stops
Air spring assembly spare parts
Dampers, suspension leveling valves and associated components
Brake system components, hydraulic brake booster assemblies and spare parts
Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the supply of sub-systems for propulsion, management and climate control for use in public transport applications.

In conjunction with local and overseas suppliers and manufacturers, Air Springs Supply has also developed specialised components to meet customer requirements where the OEM replacement component is no longer available, for example:

  • specialist rubber components – bump stops, seals, gaskets.
  • rubber/metal components for vibration and damping control.
  • gangway tension control springs.
  • replacement metal / alloy components.

There is no problem too big, small or too difficult for us to provide assistance. No matter what your requirements are, Air Springs Supply should be first on your contact list to find that ideal solution – and if we can’t assist you directly, we can certainly guide you in the right direction as a result of our years of accumulated knowledge and extensive bank of experience.