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The information contained in this selection guide, and all attached files, is intended to provide a general guide to the characteristics and applications of these products. The material, herein this web site, was developed through engineering design and development, testing and actual applications and is believed to be reliable and accurate.

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Product Use Warning

  • Do not inflate assembly when it is unrestricted. Assembly must be restricted by suspension or other adequate structure
  • Do not inflate beyond pressures recommended in design literature (contact firestone for information)
  • Improper use or over inflation may cause assembly to burst causing property damage or severe personal injury.


TypePiston Height (in.)Piston Load diameter (in.)Design Position Range (in.)Design Position Range
Approx. Max.Load (lbs.)
Minimum Height Without
Bumper (Jounce) (in.)
Maximum Usable Height (in.)Maximum Diameter (in.) at
100 psi over time
19Single Convolutednana4.25 to 570002.125.512.9
19-.75Single Convolutednana4.4 to 574002.12613.5
113Single Convolutednana4.4 to 5105002.125.515.2
113-.5Single Convolutednana4.25 to 5.75119002.126.2515.7
113-1Single Convolutednana4.25 to 5.75123002.126.2515.9
25Double Convolutednana4.5 to 5.515502.6666.4
224Double Convolutednana6 to 721502.757.58
26Double Convolutednana7 to 825003.128.758.6
20FDouble Convolutednana8 to 934003.129.59.9
20F-1Double Convolutednana8.5 to 9.536003.1210.510.1
20F-2Double Convolutednana8.5 to 1038003.121110.4
22Double Convolutednana8 to 9.566003.1210.2512.9
22-1.5Double Convolutednana9 to 10.566003.121113.7
228-1.5Double Convolutednana9 to 1169003.1211.7513.5
21Double Convolutednana8 to 9.5100003.1210.2515.1
21-2Double Convolutednana9 to 11107003.121216
233-2Double Convolutednana10 to 12108003.121315.7
28Double Convolutednana8 to 10150003.751117.4
38Triple Convolutednana10 to 147400415.7512.9
333Triple Convolutednana11 to 1511000416.7515.2
313Triple Convolutednana9 to 1311500414.7515.1
1T14C-1Reversible Sleeve1.875.756.25 to 736003.2510.259.5
1T14C-3Reversible Sleeve559.5 to 1232006.25159.1
1T14F-2Reversible Sleeve3.6258.5 to 103200512.759.1
1T14F-4Reversible Sleeve3.6259.5 to 1132005.75149.1
1T14F-4Reversible Sleeve559.5 to 123200615.59.1
1T14F-8Reversible Sleeve3.62512 to 13.53200817.59.1
1T15T-1Reversible Sleeve2.7576.5 to 7.55600410.7511.2
1T15T-1Reversible Sleeve37.756.5 to 7.561004.2510.511.4
1T15T-2Reversible Sleeve2.7577.5 to 8.55300411.511.2
1T15TQ-1Reversible Sleeve2.2577 to 851003.510.510.4
1T15AA-3Reversible Sleeve4.5710.5 to 12.55700615.7510.8
1T15L-1.5Reversible Sleeve2.87.757.5 to 8.5640041211.5
1T15L-2Reversible Sleeve37.758 to 96500412.2511.5
1T15L-2Reversible Sleeve3.757.758 to 106500513.2511.4
1T15L-2Reversible Sleeve38.027.75 to 8.2565004.2512.512
1T15L-4Reversible Sleeve3.757.7510 to 126500515.2511.7
1T15L-4Reversible Sleeve38.0210.25 to 10.7561006.51511.4
1T15L-4Reversible Sleeve4.58.259.5 to 11.5690061611.7
1T15L-8Reversible Sleeve5.838.911.5 to 12.575007 12.8
1T15M-0Reversible Sleeve37.757 to 871004.2511.512.6
1T15M-2Reversible Sleeve3.7588 to 107500513.512.6
1T15M-4Reversible Sleeve4.757.7510.5 to 12.57100616.512.6
1T15M-4Reversible Sleeve3.7589 to 1175005.7515.2512.6
1T15M-6Reversible Sleeve4.757.7512 to 147100718.2512.6
1T15M-6Reversible Sleeve5.67.7512 to 15710071912.6
1T15M-6Reversible Sleeve7.47.7513.5 to 16.571008.520.512.6
1T15M-6Reversible Sleeve5.758.3811.5 to 14.57700718.7512.8
1T15M-9Reversible Sleeve5.67.7514 to 1771007.7521.512.6
1T15M-9Reversible Sleeve7.47.7514.5 to 18.571008.523.512.6
1T15M-11Reversible Sleeve7.47.7516 to 20710092412.6
1T15V-1Reversible Sleeve2.958.356 to 782004.2511.2513.3
1T15V-8Reversible Sleeve5.758.3812 to 15820071913.3
1T15V-11Reversible Sleeve7.488.3814.5 to 18.583008.7523.7513.3
1T19F-5Reversible Sleeve5.58.8711 to 1488506.51713.2
1T19F-5Reversible Sleeve3.7410.559 to 111040051413.5
1T19F-7Reversible Sleeve5.58.8712 to 158850718.513.7
1T19F-11Reversible Sleeve78.8714.5 to 18.588508.523.2513.7
1T19F-12Reversible Sleeve78.8716.5 to 20.588508.52413.7
1T19F-12Reversible Sleeve8.58.8717.5 to 21.588509.524.513.7
1T19F-14Reversible Sleeve8.58.8717 to 238850102713.7
1T19F-16Reversible Sleeve8.58.8718 to 24.588501028.7513.7
1T19F-20Reversible Sleeve9.59.2322 to 29885012.533.2513.7
1T19J-6Reversible Sleeve4.0210.129 to 10.5113005.2515.7515.4
1T66E-11.8Reversible Sleeve7.59.8415 to 2110500102614.7