Airstroke® Actuator Advantages

Why use an Airstroke actuator (rather than air or hydraulic cylinder) for actuation?

Low Cost

Generally, initial cost is one-half or less than that of conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders of the same force capabilities. This initial cost advantage is many times greater in the larger sizes.

Wide Size Range

Airstroke actuators are available in sizes ranging from 85 mm to 940 mm in diameter. The force capability is up to t0 kN. Strokes of up to 355 mm are possible.

Durable For Long Life

Airstroke actuators are a further application of Firestone’s time proven Airide springs for truck and bus suspensions. The long life and durability necessary for millions of kilometers of heavy duty suspension use under adverse environmental conditions are also important factors in machine design.

No Maintenance or Lubrication Required

No Internal Rod or Piston

Airstroke actuators have no internal rod, piston, or sliding seals as do conventional cylinders. This allows for the design of Airstroke actuators into applications where dirt or grit would destroy the seals on conventional cylinders.

Friction Free for Immediate Response

Since Airstroke actuators have no sliding seals, there is no breakaway friction as with conventional cylinders.

Flexible Media

An Airstroke actuator can do its work with either a liquid or gas.

Angular Capability

An Airstroke possesses the unique capability of stroking through an arc without a clevis. Angular motion of up to 30 degrees is possible, along with the design advantage of generally less complex linkages.

Side Loading Capability

Airstroke actuators, within certain limits, are not affected by side loads as are conventional cylinders. This misalignment capability eliminates potential rod bending, scoring, and excessive seal wear common to conventional cylinders.

Compact Starting Height

Airstroke actuators have a low profile compared to conventional cylinders. Our smallest Airstroke actuator (85 mm dia.) collapses to just 38 mm in height, while our largest triple convoluted Airstroke (940 mm dia.) will collapse to a very compact 140 mm.

Factory Sealed and Tested

Most Airstroke actuators feature Firestone’s proven concept of crimped end plates. The crimped design allows for preshipment testing and quicker installation on equipment.

Many of our air springs are also available in high strength construction for higher pressures. Please refer to our selection guides for additional information.

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