Marsh Mellow™ Construction

Unique construction elements are the key to the Marsh Mellow™ spring’s design flexibility. The basic construction of the Marsh Mellow spring includes a solid rubber core with a hollow center, and several plies of fabric reinforced rubber as an outer cover. These elements may be modified to meet specific load and performance requirements.

Solid Rubber Core Material

The rubber material of the Marsh Mellow spring has a large effect on the performance of the spring as well as to what application it is suited. The rubber material used in vibration isolation applications is efficient and provides little damping. Higher damping compounds are available but better suit shock absorbing applications. The correct rubber core material is application dependent.

Hollow Center

The diameter of the hollow center is another variable in the load capacity of the Marsh Mellow spring. The hollow center directly affects the contact area over which force is applied. As expected, a smaller diameter center will support a greater load compared to an otherwise identical Marsh Mellow spring.

The hollow center also permits mounting the Marsh Mellow spring in a variety of applications. These mounting arrangements are discussed in greater detail within the “Installation and Mounting Arrangements” section of the Marsh Mellow Spring Design Manual.

Fabric Reinforcement

The fabric reinforced rubber has a large effect on the performance of the Marsh Mellow springs. In appearance, Marsh Mellow springs are cylindrical in shape with a hollow center the entire length of the part. What separates the Marsh Mellow spring from an all rubber part of the same dimensions is its bias plies of fabric reinforced rubber. The plies, which surround the rubber core material, provide stability and a consistent cylindrical shape. The angle which the plies are laid upon each other may be manipulated to meet application specific requirements.

The performance of the Marsh Mellow spring is influenced by several variables. If the models provided within this catalog do not meet your engineering requirements, please contact Firestone Industrial Products. By modifying the construction details, we may be able to meet your needs.

Cover Stock

The cover rubber aids in abrasion resistance and protects the inner layers of fabric reinforcement. This is not intended to take the place of an adequate design envelope. Please consult data pages for outside diameter dimensions, and allow for adequate space to avoid abrasion.

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