Pronal Flexible Tanks

Flexible Tanks

Pronal Flexible Tanks provide the perfect answer to all liquid storage problems. The solution is simple and quick to implement in addition to being cost effective.

Pronal offers several product ranges for air, sea and ground storage and the transportation of fluids (hydrocarbons, foodstuffs and agricultural and industrial products). In addition, Pronal supplies all complementary products used in fuel logistics i.e. pumps, guns, and filtering systems.


  • Capacities up to 350 cubic meters
  • High resistance elastomer or plastomer coated fabric assembled by vulcanising or welding
  • Lightweight, foldable and strong
  • No microbial, bacterial or fungicidal development
  • No contact between air and content
  • Resists ultra-violet rays and ozone
  • Adapted to the environment

Thanks to the design of the tanks, the liquids stored are never in contact with the air. This enables the safe storage of liquids such as paint, latex, fruit juice, emulsions, fuels etc.