Quickly deployed pipeline stoppers answer an environmental challenge for distribution centres

Jun 13, 2017 in June 2017, News 2017
Quickly deployed pipeline stoppers answer an environmental challenge for distribution centres

One of the environmental challenges facing operators of heavily trafficked warehouse and distribution centres is how to safeguard against waterway pollution from accidental fuel, cleaning chemical and hazardous material spills from vehicles, loading equipment and cargos.

One solution is Pronal inflatable pipe stoppers, available from importer Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd. The stoppers – proven in use in Australasia with national food and beverage, defence manufacturing and chemical processing companies – can be rapidly deployed, easily transported and widely applied in remote, temporary and permanent industrial situations. They are suitable for most types of pipelines.

“Local and global acceptance of Pronal stoppers mean that increasing volumes and types are available. The range of style and sizes can fit pipelines up to 2200m metres inside diameter.” says Air Springs Supply National Sales and Marketing Manager Mr James Maslin.

Certain models of stoppers can be permanently located in pipelines for instant remote inflation with compressed air or other gas where there is a risk of toxic runoff at different stages of production, or where spillages occur. In other instances, they are used to temporarily seal off sections of pipe where leaks are occurring, serving the dual role of enabling pressurisation of that section so leaks can be detected, then protecting the workers in the pipeline from any product flows while they work to fix the problem.

One of the Pronal stopper ranges, left, and a stopper in-situ, right. High pressure models can withstand a back pressure of 30 bar and are used on onshore, offshore and in urban and remote applications

The common factor with maintenance, testing and emergency situations is that they need stoppers that can be rapidly and securely deployed to provide primary or secondary safety and environmental security as required by both by Safe Work Australia and State Environmental Protection Agencies, says Mr Maslin.

Advantages of Pronal technology include simplicity, portability and re-use. Maintenance staff don’t need huge amounts of gear on-site and the stoppers themselves are easy to transport around plants to remote locations, where they can be used, moved on, and used again and again.

Pronal products are based on more than 40 years of producing specialist pneumatic elastomer designs for demanding applications, including government, military, heavy industrial, emergency service, sub-sea and exploration. Australian distributor Air Springs Supply also has more than 30 years’ specialist experience in applying pneumatic actuation and isolation technologies.