Our world class industrial products include Firestone Airstroke®, Airmount®, Marsh Mellow® rubber isolators and Pickers and Grippers for manufacturing and packaging

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Heavy Auto & Bus

We are national distributor for Firestone Airride™ air bags for heavy vehicles. Our range includes ContiTech air springs for buses & coaches, prime movers and trailers.

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We are the Australian distributor for Bridgestone’s ranges of rail air springs, Kayaba rail-related suspension products and further ranges of quality rail products.

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Our internationally proven Pronal environmental and risk protection products include pipeline stoppers, inflatable anti-pollution stoppers, lift cushions and flexible tanks.

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4WD and Light Duty

We are the national importer for Firestone Ride-Rite™ and Coil-Rite™ air bag helper kits for light trucks, vans, utes and 4WDs to enhance ride, handling, stability and safety.

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Firestone Problem Solvers

Use Firestone products to solve a wide range of actuation and isolation problems. These problem solvers demonstrate unique air spring applications that may help you resolve a problem.

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Our Advantages

Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for industrial actuation and isolation and air suspension for heavy truck, bus, rail and hard-working light-to-medium vehicle applications.
We offer cost-efficient and reliable solutions for actuation and isolation systems employed in industries extending from construction, conveying and food and beverage and primary product processing through to mining and energy, metalworking, manufacturing, materials handling, NVH removal, production automation, safety and testing applications.

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Air Springs
Air Springs


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