AirPicker™ & AirGripper™ Construction

AirPicker™ end-effector

An AirPicker™ end-effector consists of a fabric reinforced rubber bladder swaged onto a metal body with two stainless steel clamp rings. The body of the picker runs the length of the part and is machined stainless steel, plated steel, or aluminum, depending upon its size. An air passage is drilled through the center of the body and tees off into the inflatable bladder area. Mounting holes or threads are also machined into the body. The type of mounting depends upon the size of the end-effector. A threaded hole is also machined into the body for mounting a nose cone.

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AirGripper™ end-effector

Standard AirGripper™ end-effector construction consists of an all rubber bladder swaged onto an aluminum body with two stainless steel clamp rings. The aluminum body has 4 mounting holes drilled  and tapped along the outside diameter with a  single air passage.  

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